Minocycline Synergizes with N-Acetylcysteine and Improves Cognition and Memory Following Traumatic B


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Minocycline Synergizes with N-Acetylcysteine and Improves Cognition and Memory Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats

Пока читал про N-Acetylcysteine натолкнулся на любопытную статью о синергии миноцеклина и N-Acetylcysteine (АЦЦ ) возможно эта статья будет полезна людям с нейроборрелиозом при выборе терапии. Исследование правда на крысах но все же. С биофильмами не понятно, за то вот такой приятный побочный эффект. Правда у меня вот некоторый червячок закрался может все таки Ацц не биопленки убивает а помогает регенирации нервных тканей что и дает тот самый положительный эффект....
Интересно что первично...

The actual pharmacological targets of MINO are not clear, but the downstream effects of MINO include suppression of inflammation and apoptosis [36], [37]. More is known about the action of NAC. NAC directly elevates glutathione in the brain that scavenges cytoplasmic reactive oxygen species. The anti-oxidant effect of NAC results in widespread changes in both signaling molecules and transcription factors [26]. NAC may also increase extrasynaptic glutamate by increasing the activity of glutamate-cystine transporters [38]. Thus, there are large and complex potential interactions of MINO and NAC. These interactions potentially impact on many aspects of brain function that are more likely to be revealed by assessing complex brain functions using assays such as active place avoidance behavior rather than with tests with more focused outcomes such as inhibition of IL-1 formation (Figures 3 and 5).

MINO had more efficacy than NAC in limiting injury following moderate CCI. MINO improved performance on massed active place avoidance (Figures 1 and 2) and prevented myelin loss (Figure 5). NAC showed little efficacy as a single drug. NAC, however, potently reduces brain redox, suggesting that MINO may be more potent in a more reducing environment [26].

MINO plus NAC are in multiple clinical trials as individual drugs against a variety of neurodegenerative diseases. Although none of these trials have led to the clinical use of these drugs to treat neurodegeneration, the sheer number of ongoing trials attests to both the efficacy and safety of MINO plus NAC as individual drugs. The finding that MINO plus NAC can act synergistically suggests the combination may show enhanced efficacy not only against TBI, but other neurological diseases as well.
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