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Как мы перенесём Коронавирус?


Почетный форумчанин
It's been about 24 hours since my last communication with my doctor friend, and all I have is radio silence.

But the more likely explanation is that he's just blowing off what I've told him about ivermectin. He's probably feeling quite smug - probably assuming I've gotten caught up in a conspiracy theory because - after all - I'm not a doctor, like him, so how could I possibly know more about treating Covid than he does? How could I possibly understand what a randomized double blind controlled trial is? And of course, there is no way I understand the different between anecdotal evidence and empiracle evidence. And OF COURSE the pharmaceutical companies don't influence the FDA or the WHO or the NIH or the medical journals or the media - that's just crazy talk. (sarc) blah blah

Because of some of the things he said in his most recent email, I know for sure he's simply taking his info from the WHO, CDC, NIH, whatever. He's not doing his own research. I gave him various links that I hoped would get him interested in doing some research. But probably what is happening is that he's basically not lifting a finger. He's certain his knowledge about Covid is far superior to mine. My guess is that he's watching Fauci interviews on CNN and maybe making an occasional quick visit to the Web sites of one of the various 3-letter agencies. Apparently, if you have an MD after your name, that's all the preparation you need if you're going to treat Covid patients.

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