Болезнь Лайма: вопросы и гипотезы

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Lyme Disease: Issues and Hypotheses
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Joachim Gruber, editor

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Lyme disease research is testing new working hypotheses. The ones presented here point in the direction of a paradigm shift: Borreliae burgdorferi (Bb) could be compared with people: acute Bb infection is like people staying overnight in a hotel, whereas chronic Bb infection means people living in their home and garden, having shaped their environment according to their needs and -vice versa- being subject to the limitations of their environment.

Expressed in terms of this paradigm

  • Bb has a range of skills to make itself feel comfortable in the house or re-arrange it to its needs. It can
    • enter a dormant stage,
    • protect itself in a biofilm,
    • evade our immune system's attack by blunting or dysregulating our hormonal and immune response.
  • clearance of symptoms does not necessarily mean that Bb has capitulated in view of the refurbishing problems and has moved out. It could also mean that Bb has arranged the house to its needs.
  • for a significant infection antigen might not need to be present in great quantities.

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