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Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme borreliosis / Диагностика и лечение Лайм Боррелиоза December 2010 (+)

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Lyme borreliosis was identified as a disease in its own right in 1975 by Steere et al.(139) and the causative agent was discovered in 1981 by Willi Burgdorfer.(21) In spite of intensive re-search, there is as yet an inadequate scientific basis for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme borreliosis. This is especially the case with the chronic forms for which there is a lack of evi-dence-based studies.
The recommendations for antibiotic treatment presented in the Guideline differ significantly in some respects from the guidelines of other specialist societies. The patient must be made aware of this fact when he is treated according to this Guideline. In addition, careful checks for side-effects must be carried out when long-term antibiotic therapy is conducted.
Lyme borreliosis is listed in the ICD-10-GM Diagnosis Code under A 69.2 “Lyme disease, Ery-thema chronicum migrans due to B. burgdorferi” and under M 01.2 “Arthritis in Lyme Dis-ease”.


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